Thursday, April 15, 2010

Store Tour

Well, the old store was a bit overwhelming to the more sensitive folk, but the NEW LOCATION has garnered more gasps & exclamations (as well as congratulations, thank you very much) in the last 9 months than the previous 10 years @ our old spot combined.

To make things more easily digestible, we've sectioned the store into a few departments:

Entering through the "Showroom" (originally a new car dealer's showroom floor– complete with oil-stains & tire marks), you'll find vintage eyewear, new eyeglasses frames, men's hats, our ever-popular sunglasses (always 3 for the price of 2), selected seasonal items such as gabardine overcoats, Pendletons, Spring sport coats, & whatever else just came through the door. This is also where you pay & we check your bags & coats.

To the left is the Gal's department, finally gaining momentum in the new space. There are wigs, costumes, party dresses, eye lashes, tiaras, & all things fabulous (including our newest find: Toe-socks!)

Continuing through in a northwesterly direction are more costumes & dresses. We were listening after all when you asked for women's wear.

The North Room was originally an auto-service center with several hydraulic lifts, roll-up doors, a spray-booth, you name it. It also has full wall of windows & loads of skylights. Did I mention the thousands of suits, jackets, shirts, pants, & tuxedos we've loaded it with? Perhaps you should mark off an afternoon....

There's a lot more here than I could ever describe or you should have the time to read, so come on down & check us out. The stock is always changing & we never know just what gem we'll be able to offer next.

Hope to see you soon!


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